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“And the Lord said “Let there be Dogstand”. And there was Dogstand, and he saw that it was good; and God, in his mighty wisdom did help them to imbue their music with a plenitude of power, passion and a joyfulness of melody. 

Verily, it is written that there shall come, from the outskirts of the City of Lost Hope, a tuneful wailing of voices and a derungachunging of string-ed instrumentation and electric fire lutes, and that by this, the devil shall be purged from his evil lair with its heavenly sound.”


DOGSTAND are the band that I am proud to have played keyboards for since 2006.

The band have been in existence since round about 2000, led by Graeme Martin, rising from the ashes of punk/britpop band “Bum!” who were Graeme’s band in the early 90’s…so by the time I joined they were already a fully-fledged band, experienced and regularly gigging!

What do we sound like? Well, we draw influences from Cardiacs, Pulp, Jacques Brel, Genesis, The Kinks and many other places…and it kind of goes from there! If we had to categorise it, we would call it “Prog-pop”.


In 2012 we released our debut long-player “Wonky Love Songs” which is currently available to listen to and download for free here! Following it’s release, “The Assistant” enjoyed some airplay on BBC 6 Music, with this write-up from Fresh On The Net’s Johnno Casson :

“Starting off a bit like Albi The Racist Dragon meets Jethro Tull, all woodland like, this song grows into something like I’ve never heard before. A little estuary rock, a little prog, a little 60′s organ-driven pop. You get value for your pound with Dogstand, make no mistake. The song spins around a two-sided male and female story about an office assistant – and “no one else can change the toner cartridge like she does”. Great Job.”

Since my time in the band, we have played at many venues in and around London, including the Hard Rock Cafe (as finalists in their ‘Hard Rock Rising contest), Crystal Palace Park, O2 Academy2 Islington, Buffalo Bar, Brixton Windmill and more…!

We are currently recording our follow-up album, and hope to unleash it on the world in late 2015!

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